"how we spend our days, of course,
is how we spend our lives."
— annie dillard

here's one of my truths: i recognize deeply that each day is a unique gift and we don't get to live it again. our time on earth is our most precious and valuable resource and it cannot be replenished. i want to use my time here to tell the truth about the love of family and to recognize the wholehearted journey of the divine feminine. 

i want to use my heart to make art about how sacred i feel the human experience and this beautiful world are. i don't want to look back on my life and realize i spent all my time looking at my phone or trying to suck my stomach in or making small talk. i hope at my funeral people are able to say that i used my time on earth to cultivate deep connections, create poetic moments, live in gratitude, and that i cried a shit ton of happy tears. i don't know what happens to us after we die but i seek to embrace the adventure of being a person for all that it is.

my photography is just an extension of this inner truth. i want to create images that reflect the light within, the emotional journey of being a human, and the irreplaceable connection between family that loves and trusts each other. there's just nothing better to me. 

some of my favorite things:

- my family. i walk this path with my husband ben and our two sons, river and jude. they are wild and compassionate
  and encourage me daily to evolve more into the person i want to be.
- music
- staying curious
- cross country road trips
- good coffee (it's so important)
- writing / singing / watercolor hand lettering / whatever new way my creativity wants to find its way out of me.
- meditation
- hot, salty baths with essential oils
- people! i studied human communication in college and the way we connect with each other is endlessly fascinating to me.
- nature
- podcasts. so many podcasts.
- rain and thunderstorms
- investing in the journey and potential of young people. i volunteer with a couple of non-profits dedicated to the development
  of the next generation and these bright lights honestly make me feel hopeful and inspired about the future of our planet.
- not eating animals
- laughing
- alone time
- how badass and invincible giving birth made me feel
- sunsets
- making scented natural soy candles with my own two hands: collectivelightcandles.com