Hi, I'm Tara.


Hello, friend! My name is Tara Polly. I’ve got a grateful heart, I’m an artist, and I love what I do.

Here’s a little more about me: I’m a free spirit who lives for mountain adventures, thrifting treasure hunts and cross country road trips. I’m married to this babe who brews craft beer at home and lets me drink some of it. I’m mama to baby Jude, who inspires me to see life with fresh eyes every day. I’ll choose books + vinyl records over TV any day of the week. A daily practice of loving meditation keeps me centered. I believe the whole wide world is my home, I’m down with wearing flowers in my hair, and I hope my dog is secretly magical and will live forever. Good pour over coffee is a part of my every day. I have a foul mouth I’m trying to get under control by the time my kid learns to repeat me. One time my actual wildest dream came true and I was invited onstage to sing with my idol, Martin Sexton. F’real.

I offer creative portraiture for dreamers. Offbeat, alternative style shoots and imaginative portrait sessions are my sweet spot. As photographers we often talk about finding “good light,” but my intention in my art is to capture YOUR beautiful light in the just the way you shine it. My clients tend to be creative souls living wildly authentic lives. As a photographer, I find inspiration in nature, in architecture, and in fashion — but above all else, I’m driven by the unique, open-hearted people who find their way to me for photos. I have some of the world’s raddest clients and am thankful to call so many of them friends.

Bottom line? I already love who you are and I can’t wait to tell your story.