I remember as a child I would revel in the moments where beautiful and interesting art would make people stop and think, or tear up, or breathe together. I was lucky to be influenced by a family of creative people who appreciated the way artistic moments (be it golden light streaming through the windows, or words strung together into a poem that allows you to know someone better, or making music together in a unique experience that can't be recreated) made time seem to slow for a second. Those moments that are just so honest and heart-filling and where you feel that buzz inside and know it's a special thing that won't come again? Oh, being a parent feels so much like that to me.

The family photo art I create is a reflection of those moments and that deep connection. You may be dressed up and I may put you in a picturesque location, but the truth within the images is more about the way being connected to your children makes you feel — how your heart seems to crack open more every day. The way that love gives you purpose you never knew before. How it's intimate and sometimes hard and goes so fast and is one of the deepest bows you can make to the human experience. It is my intention that these images serve as an honest reminder of the sacred communion that being a family is.

Family sessions happen in the wild of Colorado in the last 60 minutes before sunset.

Family sessions cost $575 and include your edited, digital images.