MARTIN SEXTON // boulder theater


if you know me personally, you know what a huge fan i am of martin sexton's music. ben and i have spent over a decade attending his concerts in five different states. more shows than we can count on two hands. seeing martin sexton perform live is like going to church for us. basically, there's a reason john mayer once said "martin sexton is the best performer i've ever seen... i may just quit my job and go follow martin and make a fuss everywhere i go, just to make sure that people don't go their lives without hearing this man sing to them." yeah. he's that good. i won't go into the whole beautiful story of the time my wildest dream came true and martin invited me on stage to sing with him. i'm not sure, even a few years later, i can wrap my head around that with the articulateness it deserves. someday maybe i will share that here.

but i did get to fulfill another dream of mine and photograph him in concert. photo press badge and everything! here are some of the images from the time i got to bring my camera to church.

ASHLEY // five points portraits

ashley is my sweet friend, my very best word-of-mouth advertiser, and can make me laugh really, REALLY hard. we've had the best time growing into our relationship over the last year and are on an optimism mission together like you wouldn't believe. these were a blast to take -- basically just laughter the whole time, with me trying to remember to hit the shutter once in a while. :) hope you love your photos, pretty lady! xo.
thank you for being you, friend. love every day with you!